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Your Community Assessment Center (YCAC) is committed to providing community members with Clinical Assessments, Evaluations and Services in the areas of Behavioral and Mental Health, Driver Services, Education, Familial Support, Court Referrals and Community Involvement. These assessments provide the client with a roadmap to services that can assist them in the attainment of their personal, professional and civic goals.



By Appointment Only

YCAC provides assessments in three major life areas... Work/School, Home & the Community. The following assessments are offered:

  • Clinical Ax (Court Ordered)

  • Alcohol & Other Drugs Ax (SASSI)

  • Dept. Driver Services Needs Ax

  • Vocational & Educational Ax

  • Child & Family Ax

  • Senior Support Services Ax


By Appointment Only

YCAC has partnered with several organizations to provide services directly to the community. Click here to learn more about services such as:


  • Licensed Professional Counseling,

  • Class Referrals for the DDS Defensive Driving & DUI Course, 

  • Educational & Vocational services,

  • Community Service Opportunities,

  • Anger Mgmt. Group, 

  • Victim Impact Panel, 

  • Shoplifting Remediation, 

  • Family Violence Intervention Program & Family Advocacy

  • Drug Screening


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The YCAC will generate a referral listing for its clients upon completion of their assessment. Referrals are made for:

  1. Community Service

  2. Senior Services

  3. Educational Services

  4. Outpatient & Inpatient Mental Health Treatment

  5. Psychiatric Evaluation

  6. Legal Aide Referrals

  7. Insurance Needs

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