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Countdown 2 College​


COUNTDOWN 2 COLLEGE is a fun, interactive presentation and book that is designed to amplify student interest in higher education, assist high school students in the preparation and admission to college, and provide parents and counselors with tools and resources to make their dream of college a reality.

The one statistic parents should know is that the average college or trade school student will make 50% more than a high school graduate. In fact, the student that finishes college or trade school will make $1,000,000.00 (one million) dollars more in their lifetime than the student who chooses not to attend college at all.


  • Helping You Choose the Right School
  • Assist You in Applying to 9-10 Colleges or Universities
  • Registering for the SAT or ACT, Recommending Prep Courses
  • Creating an Account on
  • Assisting the Student in Adhering to an Admissions Timeline
  • Assist the Parent with Completing the FAFSA
  • Accessing & Completing the Common Application
  • Help Parents Follow Through on Recommendations & Transcripts
  • Assistance with resources for local and national scholarships
  • Admissions Interview Prep

Here are some pre-application activities recommended for your high school junior and senior. ​

  1. SAT/ACT - The summer is the best time to spend doing some SAT prep and improving vocabulary. There are awesome sites online for this.
  2. Scholarship Searches - Even if your teen isn't a senior yet, its a good practice to do some preliminary searching to make note of qualifications and deadlines. Note: Look locally first. Local scholarships are less competitive and often easily earned.
  3. Volunteer - Encourage your teen to start volunteering in his/her community. A pattern of volunteering each summer looks great on applications and shows colleges that your teen is concerned about giving back.
  4. Get a job or start a business - After school and the summer is a good time to make some cash for that college fund and also demonstrate responsibility. Many teens actually go the entrepreneurial route and start a business: lawn mowing, babysitting, tutoring, etc.
  5. Write - Writing is good preparation for the college essay and the writing portion of the SAT. Journaling is a great way to do this and will also serve to spur your teens creativity.
  6. Make some preliminary college visits - The summer isn't the best time to get a clear picture of college life but its a great time to wander around and explore the campuses.type of link you’d like to add to your button.
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