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Marriage is one of life's deepest and most sacred commitments people will make. Your wedding ceremony is a personal and distinctive statement shared with family and friends; it is a celebration of your love and commitment, a making of a formal beginning.

You will not want to leave this special and personal service to just anyone. As an ordained and licensed minister, I enjoy working with couples to make a special wedding service, as well as establish a strong foundation for a great life as husband and wife! While based in Atlanta, I am available to perform weddings at all of Georgia's beautiful wedding venues.




Dr. Lisa officiates Buckhead Wedding
August Wedding in Atlanta, Georgia
Classic Wedding in Atlanta, GA
Buckhead Wedding - The St. Regis
Wedding at the St Regis, Atlanta
St. Regis Wedding - Buckhead
Wedding of Jerusa Wilson. Esq.
Classic Wedding in Washington, D.C.
Wedding Nuptials in Washington, D.C.
Wedding @ Chateau Elan
Wedding @ Chateau Elan
Wedding @ Chateau Elan
Wedding @ Chateau Elan
Wedding @ Chateau Elan
Wedding @ Chateau Elan
Wedding @ Chateau Elan
Wedding @ Chateau Elan
Wedding @ Chateau Elan

As a licensed and ordained clergy, I can guide you to eliminate panic from your wedding ceremony and avoid common ceremony pitfalls. I have the experience to deal gracefully and calmly with the unexpected. I calm and reassure the most  nervous brides and grooms, and will confidently ease you through those pre-ceremony jitters to the breathtaking moments during the saying of their vows.

The dynamics of every wedding are unique, fees are competitive and determining factors are: the date, time and location of the wedding ceremony. Rates are kept affordable without compromising the priority of personalized attention to each couple.

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