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We Believe The Children Are Our Future!


Success Quest is a leadership, mentoring, college prep, and behavioral health  program for children and youth (at-risk, delinquent, oppositional and defiant, traumatized or simply in need of mentoring). Two dynamic programs (Countdown 2 College and SuccessQuest) merge to provide young people between the ages of 12-19 with resources and skills in the area of leadership, goal setting, college prep and decision making. This program is specifically designed to increase outreach to middle and high school children in the Atlanta Metropolitan area of Georgia in order to reduce risk factors, promote student achievement and social success. This program allows us to offer young people with mentoring, therapy, academic and vocational services in a safe, drug free environment. ​​Dr. Lisa Tait ( author of Countdown 2 College, Licensed Professional Counselor, Motivational Speaker and Community Leader is the Founder and Facilitator of SuccessQuest.​

WEEK 1 – Building Rapport, Who Am I? (Self-evaluation, Gifts Assessment), Life With or Without a College Degree (Students Register on &

WEEK 2 – Choosing the Right School, Our Thinking Controls How We Act (Thinking For A Change), Entrepreneurship (Developing Your Own Business), Website Development.

WEEK 3 – Navigating the Test Maze (SAT, ACT), Social Skills Development (Classroom Behavior & Academic Performance). Dreams: “What do you want to do?” (Change Your Thinking - Change Your Life).

WEEK 4 – The Internet & The Application (Register for, Programming Yourself For Success!, Write your own resume, Anger Management.

WEEK 5 – The College Search Process (Choosing the Right College or Trade School for you), Speech assignment given: What kind of man/woman do you want to be?

WEEK 6 – Funding Your Degree (Scholarship Search and Essay Writing), Life Skills – Interview Techniques (Role Playing).

WEEK 7 – Social Skills (Interactions with parents and family), Conflict Resolution (A Case Study for Kids).

WEEK 8 – College Life & Beyond (College Tour), Life Skills (Tough Times Never Last -Tough People Do).

WEEK 9 – Defining Leadership, Revealing Your Business, Destined for Greatness – Who Am I Now!

WEEK 10 – Graduation, Presentation of Leaders, Certificate Presentation and Awards.

(Field Trips and special activities are contingent upon sponsorship for donations, transportation and entry fees.).​

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